Your Explanation is our Mission. 


Michael True I Chief Executive Officer

10 years in enterprise analytics including IBM, Oracle, and App Annie. A true (no pun) expert in aligning economical value to advanced AI and scaling tens of millions in client revenue. Mike is inspiring his team, clients, and investors to envision a world of explainable & economical AI.  


Cody Greco I Chief Algorithm Officer

Astonishing level of IQ and EQ. As a mathematical research scientist at heart, yet an expert Computer Scientist and Engineer. Cody recently exited as CTO of Choosy and previously scaled Grubhub’s global machine learning organization focusing on cLTV, Simulations, and Demand Forecasting.


Chris Kang I Director Data Science

The next encyclopedia update should include Chris’s picture next to Demand Forecasting. Handpicked by Cody from Grubhub, and over the last decade Chris continuously pushed the needle on algorithmic development for companies like J&J, Philips, and Samsung.


Kyle Frye I AI Product Manager

Seasoned Data Scientist turned Product Manager. Kyle brings unique expertise in aligning advanced AI to customer experience and value. He will be leading our charge to translate accuracy and explainability.


Nick Shi I Data Scientist

Nick has transitioned from Biomedical Engineering to Data Scientist. He joined as an Intern focusing on optimizing demand forecasting capabilities and quickly evolved honing his craft to full-time Data Scientist.